If there is one thing WordPress users appreciate about the software, it is the fact that it is easily accessible and very efficient, not to mention the fact that it is free. Being an open source software, it witnesses updates faster than most software. As newer versions of WordPress are released, more and more in-built options come with it, which is targeted at making the interface more user-friendly and easier to use.

The new version 3.4 comes with a number of in-built options that really makes your blogging experience a lot more fun. Some of these features are discussed below.

Easy Tweet Embedding  

Sometimes in the process of brainstorming about what to write, you come across a tweet and BAM! The inspiration comes. In the process of writing though, you may so desire to showcase that tweet to your readers. With WordPress 3.4, all you need to do is copy the tweet URL from the source and paste it into your WordPress editor and that’s it. The tweet will come alive right on your page for all your readers to see.

However, you need to ensure that the full URL is copied. If it’s incomplete, of course, it will not come up and all you’ll be staring at is a long line of “jargon”. Also, be sure to paste it on a separate line to give it the proper orientation. This new feature saves you the headache of screenshots and a whole list of embed codes.

Easy Video Embedding from YouTube

Just like tweets, WordPress also allows you to embed YouTube videos very easily. All you need to do is also to paste the video source URL in the text and the video immediately comes live, without any additional effort. Of course, you should paste the link on its own separate line to allow the video to come up as it should. Also, the video will play directly on your site without having to redirect back to YouTube

For those whose websites are hosted on www.wordpress.com, the size and various dimensions (width, height etc.,) of the video can be customized by using short codes. So, if the video is too small or too large for your post, you can always adjust it until it is just perfect. However, it is worthy of note that the short codes only work for sites hosted on www.wordpress.com and not for self-hosted ones.